Take a MVC Hair & Make-up course and you can learn the basics from Miriam and her simple 1-2-3 MVC technique. Miriam is teaching tomorrow’s make-up artists but also offers private one-on-one lessons for anyone who loves make-up.

Miriam can show you how to apply your makeup in a one-on-one session - from natural daytime looks to dramatic evening styles.

Courses are also available in both make-up and hair, with the option to take single classes, short courses or a full diploma course. All courses are suitable for beginners, or for more experienced professionals wishing to increase their skills or to explore new areas of make-up and hair.

MVC Make-up Basics

Suitable for all levels. This course is a 1-1 1/2 hour private session with Miriam. At the end of the course you will understand how to do your own day and evening makeup.

MVC Hair Basics

Suitable for all levels. This course is a 1-1 1/2 hour private session with Miriam. At the end of the course you will understand how to style your hair for work and special occassions.

MVC Hair Stylist Short Course

Lesson Skills
1: Blowdrying Techniques Styling long and short hair, including the use of velcro
2: Heated Rollers, Curling Iron Creating soft, loose hairstyles
3: Basic French Roll Introducing two simple French Roll hairstyles
4. Twist and Curls Creating quick twists on modern, unstructured curls
5. Chignons, Ponytail Style Styling based on one or more ponytails, low neat or messy buns.
6. Hairstyle of your choice Recreating the style of your choice from a magazine

Makeup Certificate Course

Lesson Skills
1: Foundations, Camouflage, Powder Creating a flawless base plus an overview of the make-up course and information on handling clients, photographers and directors
2: Eyebrows, Lips, Blush Perfecting shapes and translating fashion trends
3: Basic Eye Shapes Understanding different eye shapes
4: Natural Make-Up Keeping it natural - from bridal through to swimwear
5: Make-Up for Black and White Photography Understanding highlights and shading, plus the use of liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes
6: Dark Skin Make-Up Using colour on darker skin tones
7: Asian Make-U Introducing techniques for different eye shapes
8: Catwalk, Dramatic Make-Up Using make-up for more dramatic effect and recreating a make-up of your choice
9: Make-Up for Mature Skin and for Men Working with fine lines and wrinkles plus techniques for making up men
10: Make-Up through the Decades Reviewing fasion looks from the 1900s and into the future
11: Fantasy Makeup Going beyond the boundaires of everyday make-up
12: Assesment, Certificate Consulting to clients and recommending make-up to suit


MVC Make-up Basics - $150

MVC Hair Basics - $150

MVC Hair Stylist Short Course - $750.00

Make-up Certificate Course:
Short Course (Lessons 1 - 5) - $750.00
Certificate Course (Lessons 1 - 12) - $1650.00

Individual Lessons - $150.00

Make-up Certificate Course & Hair Stylist Short Course - $1850.00


Contact Miriam

ph: 0414 625 387